I Cambristi / Tutti Cambristi

28 & 29 March 2020

Open to Registration

Open to all members of I Cambristi (if you want to become a member, click here)

This workshop is open to pre-formed groups (min 3): strings, winds, pianos, singers, baroque players, beginners or not, amateurs, students, young professionals... you're all welcome !

If you don't have a group but still want to play with us please contact

- for chamber music: Françoise Longrée 

- for singers: Orhan Erenberk

- for pianists: Janet Mitchell 


Académie de Saint-Gilles

rue de Neufchâtel 16 - 1060 Bruxelles

Course period

28 & 29 March 2020

9.15: opening

9.30 > 17.15: lessons

On Sunday 17.30: drink

There won't be any audition at the end of the Tutti but the groups who wish to play during a musical evening at the Chapelle de Boondael or a Music And Tea will be given priority



4 lessons of 90 minutes during the 2 days of the Tutti.

Coffee, tea, cold beverages, fruit, biscuits and cakes during the breaks. 

Lunch offered


Registration Fees at the Tutti 2020 amount to 140€.

Those who are not 26 on 15 March can pay 90€.​

For groups of 2 people only : 190 €


I Cambristi: BE05 3101 4179 3575

Mention : Tutti Camrbristi 2020 + full name

Payment deadline: March 20 2020

Application Form

The application form must be filled in by one contact person only, on behalf of the group

Application form deadline : March 20 2020